Lacuna Coil/ Warmachine/ Doll @ The Opera House, May 25 2010

Here is my “review” (originally for Metallus Maximus) of the Lacuna Coil/ Warmachine/ Doll show that took place at The Opera House on May 25, 2010. You can read the original here, and take a peek at some awful pictures I took with my phone.

*                 *               *

NZ “Huh. Hail the Villain aren’t playing.”

LTP: “Eh?”

NZ “Sign on the door says they had car trouble. That sucks.”

LTP “Dude. Their name is Hail The Villain. Forget car trouble – Batman probably stopped their shit at the border.”

NZ “Wow! So many girls in here.”

LTP “This may be the first time I have ever seen high heels inside The Opera House.”

NZ “What would you put the percentage at? Half?”

LTP “No way. Let’s be reasonable.”

NZ “A solid third, then. 33% of this room has two X chromosomes.”

LTP “That’s fair. Let’s hear it for the uterus.”

NZ “This means…there might be a shirt at someone’s merch table that actually FITS ME.”


NZ “They sound…they sound like a movie-producer’s idea of a female-fronted metal band. They’re so much cleaner than they could be. Like Cherry Bomb, that girl-punk/grunge band in Howard the Duck.”

LTP “You are one of four people on earth who remember the name of the goddamn band in Howard the Duck.”


LTP “Now it’s time for the boy-interlude. The frontman looks like the dude from Snakes ‘n’ Barrels.”

NZ “The drummer just broke his double bass.”

LTP “Nah. Look at him, he’s like Henry VIII. ‘I grow bored of this drum. Switch it for another one!'”

NZ “Ah, they’re switching the white Flying V for a black Flying V.”

LTP “It’s time to get fucking serious. None of his light crap.”

NZ “In your opinion, what’s the most humpable guitar shape?”

LTP “Eh?”

NZ “You know — the hottest.”

LTP “Oh, good, that’s what you mean. Because a Flying V would hurt. That shit’s pointy.”

Lacuna Coil

NZ “This is easy.”

LTP “Eh?”

NZ “Lacuna Coil. This music. This is very easy. Easy to listen to, easy to like.”

LTP “Mm. Yeah. Very hooky too.”

NZ “Straightforward.”

LTP “You sound dubious.”

NZ “Not exactly. It’s probably because I saw Portal and Bloody Panda last night, which rearranged my entire intellectual equilibrium.”

LTP “A bit of a contrast.”

NZ “Exactly. This is also very pretty – and not just because Cristina Scabbia is beautiful.”

LTP “I would kill for her jacket.”

NZ “How much do I want a waistcoat that says ‘Liar’? But it’s more that visual aesthetic. The entire sound is attractive. Easy to love.”

LTP “I see what you’re saying. And you do prefer ugly things.”

NZ “There’s that. I think it also limits them in what they’re trying to accomplish here. There is only so empowering they can be without also being challenging. It’s easy to say “Not Afraid” when nothing here is frightening.”

LTP “You prefer being frightened?”

NZ “I prefer being broken.”


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